Tuesday, July 20, 2010


I will be away from blogging for the foreseeable future.

A few posts below I described my decision to stay inside academia but being a Gemini I have changed my mind.

My new work brings a different and much more vibrant hands-on research environment that entails extensive travel in and around the continent.

My exit from the classroom is final, for now ;0)

I will stop in less frequently here for practical reasons.

But I am not gone.



Dade said...

Good luck on your new path.

Be not a stranger.

Ridwan said...

Thank you brother Dade. I will of course be looking in on your spot!

Peace to you and Maty.


goodbye asshole said...

Ridwan, the world thanks you! Please, never confuse your ignorant, racist rants with academia. Your are an anti-white, anti-christian....pretty much anti-anything that doesn't adhere to exactly to your views. Much like your ignorant, murderous, soul less Muslim brethren.
Goodbye and good ridance you hypocritical, racist fuck.

lekaba said...

Congrates on your new job.
One cannot live with the reality that we will miss your very informative and thought-provoking lessons on international affairs and life in general.Your contribution in turning us(NWU students)IRL students in particular into better persons is valued.

Though its a loss on my part however good luck on your new endeavor.


Anonymous said...

Ridwaan, Peace Be upon you

Enjoy your travels and good luck with your new venture.

I have enjoyed your thought-provoking posts.

The Struggle Continues, Bash

Ridwan said...

Thank you Frank. I am sorry to have missed you last week.

Best wishes as you advance in the program.

I will look in on you no doubt. It was a pleasure to have you in my classes.

Peace young brother!



Ridwan said...

Peace be on you too Bash!

Thank you for reading. I am ready again to write here from time to time.

I am grateful for the respect shown to me by those who read this blog with an open mind.

I posted the comment above by 'goodbye asshole' to show the hateful side.

Be well Bash.