Monday, August 02, 2010

Burn Qur'ans On 911

Last night I listened to a talk show here in Pretoria that sought to solicit views on a proposal by a Florida church that intends to burn Qur'ans on the 9th anniversary of 911.

The vast majority of folks who called in repudiated the plan.

Several Christian callers pointed out that the plan was not in keeping with the teachings of Jesus and Christianity.

Muslim callers were understandably appalled.

"It makes no sense to condemn Islam and its holy book in this way," said one Muslim caller.

I am not surprised though.

A few years ago when Yusuf Islam (Cat Stevens) showed support for the condemnation of Salman Rushdie's book "The Satanic Verses" a radio station staged a protest by bulldozing his records!

How swift hey?

They stood for the right to freedom of speech by destroying Yusuf Islam's recordings.

There is no reason in seeking reason inside of this kind of mania.

In a comment below a regular abuser here called me "anti-white" and "anti-Christian".

I am neither.

But why should that matter to an ignoramus who is led by his/her bigotry against Muslims and folks of color in general.

I have been here before.

I survived apartheid and I am still standing.

Those of us who know better must stand against the hateful attacks of idiots who want to burn Qur'ans in memory of 911.

Islam was not on those planes. Neither was I or those close to me.

To define my religion with such shallow thinking is telling.

Still, I hardly expect the insanity to stop.

The problem is that those idiots, and the ones who think that ranting against Muslims here is their duty, are incapable of seeing the complexity.



Dade said...

It is a feverish world, my friend. These frightened people are to be pitied. And yet, I can't help but despise them.

Aasia said...

Ah Ridwan, yet another typical day for us Muslims. I think it strange that even an after everything, we're still faced with age old problems.
But to each his own I think, because even if we tell them who and what we are, while dressed in Cape Carnival outfit and whistling dixie whilst doing so. They not prepared to see further than their own stigma.
Time to start worrying about feeding a child instead, THAT atleast we can fix child at a time.


Ridwan said...

That it is Dade. There is just one fascist who writes under several jacked names here.

He thinks he is being smart by calling me names and proclaiming death, etc, to all Muslims.

He is a whacked fool with no life beyond being an anonymous troll on this blog.

I despise his kind but can't remember when last his type was brave enough to have his say face to face.

That would be asking too much from a bigoted nobody.

Peace Dade!


Ridwan said...

Aasia you are absolutely right. These folks are programmed by their bigotry.

In these terms they hardly exist. In fact they spew the same nonsense over and over no matter the context.

If it was a black issue the vitriol would be constructed the same.

A recent fool called me "anti-Christian" ... nowhere on this blog is there a post that decries Christians.

There is, however, a picture of Archbishop Tutu very prominently displayed.

But, like you may say ... the fools would not know any different even if it stared them in their faces.

We must persist beyond those who want to destroy us because they fear our existence.

I trust you are well my sista.


Anonymous said...

hey. ive started to read ur blog a little bit(i dont want to sound like a stalker, lol). I think i googled yusuf islam and one link brought me here. your blog appeals to me alot really.

you prolly know this already but,

i feel so sad that people don't realize,in regards to monotheism, that the quran is an improved text from the books that came before. (taurat, zabur and injil)
And i believe the only reason we were brought a better text, is for it to be in accordance to the future era. Each holy book is only suitable for the allocated period of time. Islam only becomes our ultimate truth as it is stated as the last religion revealed by god. We are the last human race after Nabi Muhammad s.a.w.

There is then no way u are anti-christian. because supposedly, we are christians before muslims. Islam, just holds the truth in absolute totality.=D

i hope the hater doesnt bug u too much.

happy puasa!

Ridwan said...

Thanks for your comment and Ramadan Kareem to you.

Thanks for reading and for commenting. It is good to read positive and engaging comments.


I am not too worried about the anti-Islam nonsense that sometimes makes it through here.

Truth be told it is one fool who writes under different names 'cause he thinks s/he is smart or slick.

Please keep reading and dropping comments.