Friday, February 11, 2011

John Pilger on the Egyptian Revolution

Freedom Rising in Tahrir Square (Getty Images)
The uprising in Egypt has discredited every western media stereotype about the Arabs. The courage, determination, eloquence and grace of those in Liberation Square contrast with "our" specious fear-mongering, with its al-Qaeda and Iran bogeys and iron-clad assumptions of the "moral leadership of the west". It is not surprising that the recent source of truth about the imperial abuse of the Middle East, WikiLeaks, is itself subjected to craven and petty abuse in those self-congratulating newspapers that set the limits of elite liberal debate on both sides of the Atlantic. Perhaps they are worried. Public awareness is rising and bypassing them.

In Washington and London, the regimes are fragile and barely democratic. Having long burned down societies abroad, they are now doing something similar at home, with lies and without a mandate. To their victims, the resistance in Liberation Square must seem an inspiration. "We won't stop," said a young Egyptian woman on TV. "We won't go home." Try kettling a million people in the centre of London, bent on civil disobedience, and try imagining it could not happen.
Read John Pilger's "The Egyptian Revolt is Coming Home" (10/02/11) in the New Statesman here.


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Mary said...

Don't you just LOVE a good revolution!!!

Ridwan said...

I absolutely do Mary. And it has just got a whole lot better.

Peace to you.