Friday, February 11, 2011

Mubarak Resigns

Ding dong the despot is gone.

The masses must be congratulated and recognized for what they have achieved through determined struggle.

This victory belongs to the people of Egypt and to them alone.


Update: See Tariq Ali's "Egypt's Joy as Mubarak Quits" here.


pserean said...

Salams Ridwan...that is a Very catchy line!

(Though I don't believe it's a victory for just the Egyptians.)

Anyways, have a good weekend.
I found this gorgeous post when i was browsing around :

desert demons said...

Isn't it amazing , I was glued to the T.V all night ! I'm holding my breath to see if the other arab nations have the will power to force their leaders into submission - the people have spoken and they have been heard - isn't is marvelous :)

Ridwan said...

Salaam pserean:

Thanks for your comment. I expect that a long road lies ahead for Egypt ... much of the structure that was Mubarak is still in place.

Thanks for the link too. Will take a look for sure.

Have a great weekend too.


Ridwan said...

Salaam desert demons:

I can truly say that this is the one time I miss not having a TV.

It is indeed a "marvelous" time and what a time for change.

The kings in Morocco and Saudia Arabia should sleep with the lights on ... if even they can sleep :)

Thanks for looking in.



Ridwan said...

Salaam again pserean.

I just got your bracketed comment right now (the full import thereof)!


I agree that it is a victory for more than the Egyptians, absolutely.

My intent was to speak against the US and its inevitable PR machine that will seek to reposition itself alongside the victory.

I think it important to locate the victory where it happened and in its organic contexts for this reason.

Left to the US and its allies Mubarak would still be in charge (though I worry about who exactly is being primed to play proxy for the US).

Still, the game has changed forever and this victory is telling for the US (the giant is losing its grip).

Lastly, thank you for pointing me toward pictor quod scriptor.

The poem is so powerful and what a wonderful way of remembering Bouazizi (may he rest in peace).

Be well my friend.