Monday, March 28, 2011

Are We Free Yet?

White farmer.  Dog.  Black worker.
This picture along with a few others were sent to me via email.  Underneath the left tail-light you can see a web address that may be where the picture was sourced.  Dunno.

Sixteen years into the post-apartheid era it is not unusual to see black workers sitting on the back of white driven pickups even where there is an open passenger seat.

We have not progressed nearly far enough ...



Erica said...

Even now in the south, this (sadly) is a familiar sight during the summer months. Not only are there blacks riding the back of a truck but mexicans as well.

Just down the road from where I live, you can see rows of blacks and mexicans......wait for it......picking cotton! All the while, somewhere in the midst there is a white man "overseeing" the progress of his ever growing fortune in his white pickup with his trusty hunting dog sitting right beside him!

Makes you hmmmmmm hey?

Ridwan said...

Yeah Erica it sure makes me hmmmm!

I did see some of what you describe in Arizona.

We still so far from where we should be and you know there is a fool somewhere thinking we are making a mountain out of a molehill.

I think you should move ... where to is the problem!