Sunday, March 20, 2011

Arab League Slams West for Bombing - Huh???

A news report on PressTv says the Arab League wanted a "no-fly-zone" but not with the killing of civilians and bombing of Libya!

Are these muthaz serious?  What the hell did they think Obomber was going to do?  Play nice with the Libyans until Gaddafi fell over from natural causes?

I am f*cking pissed with the Arab League and with the South African government.  They sold out the greater principle of using diplomacy to end what is happening in Libya.

The West only knows how to kill brown and black people when they want to steal their sh*t.  War for the empire and its attachments is diplomacy! 

My boy D. points out that the murderous fools in the US/France/Britain are working on election strategies.

A war to whip up some national frenzy and moral righteousness is one sure way of dealing with sagging domestic fortunes.

I suggest the Arab League take decisive action to stop the mad mongering West from reducing Libya to Iraq/Afghanistan.

Russia, China, India, and the African Union are calling the attack on Libya "indiscriminate and disproportionate" according to The Voice of Russia

They are absolutely on-point.  There is no place for a war like this anymore.  The West must be civilized and brought into humanity.

I mean the US is using its B2 stealth bombers to drop bombs on a 'third world' country!  Britain is firing cruise missiles from submarines and France is leading the bombing offensive with state of the art fighters even as I write.

Libya does not have the military capacity to defend itself from this kind of lopsided and inhumane attack.  What we are witnessing is nothing short of a brutal and murderous gang bang.

Here in South Africa the mini-me mimicry is hardly touched on in the Sunday papers.  Zuma declared war on Libya and most of the citizenry including the media just went on whining about tender fraud and government inefficiencies.

D. also reminded me that BRIC has not formally included South Africa yet.  I hope they reject the colonial lapdogs with contempt now that they have seen just how shallow and selfish President Zuma and his government of re-fried sellouts can be.

Still, I don't expect that Zuma will be called to explain why he voted to unleash a Western war on an African country!

There is a little more than just a sad irony in the fact that tomorrow (Monday 21) is Human Rights Day in South Africa (a public holiday)... obviously a good time to hit the malls and buy more sh*t.




Marty Mars said...

So true brother

they wrap it up in humanitarian clothes but it is just falsehoods and a continuation of what they always do. meanwhile they test their weapons on people - they have no heart.

kia kaha (stay strong)

desert demons said...

'The West only knows how to kill brown and black people when they want to steal their sh*t. ' - I LOVE it !
What the hell happened to them not wanting to deploy troops??? I guess that it won't really affect the oil they can get and what the hell the more Libyans dead the fewer to stand in the way right? Of course Africom needs bases and Libya is close to the action ... right?

Dade said...

I appreciate your passion, as always, my friend.

Another war... There's really nothing to say...

Ridwan said...

Marty Mars: Thanks kindly for your comment brother. You hit it on the head.

desert demons: The Africom angle is not even touched on hey. Thanks for reminding me about that piece of imperial you know what. Thanks for your comment as always.

Dade: I am saddened my brother. The news here in the silly republic is that the president is issuing warnings ... huh again.

What did he think was going to happen? Be well brother and and thanks for your comment.

Peace to all of you,

Anonymous said...

when a brown man dies, and no one sees it- did he ever exist?
when a brown man dies, and someone watches - did he really die?
only a brown man with feet black with oil dies.
and then - it's just suicide.

that is our history, drawn and quartered by the scribes.

(cept the arab league are still stuck trying to be white, and not looking at their hands.)

Ridwan said...

Thanks anonymous. I hear you and my disgust for the Arab League and the black African National Congress stands.

I was amused by the squirming about not killing civilians and no occupation or the best yet, peaceful democratization while the bombing continues.