Sunday, March 20, 2011

Tripoli under Fire

Voice of Russia
March 20, 2011

Three American B-2 stealth bombers have dropped 40 bombs on Libya’s major airfield, CBS News reported without mentioning any details.

On March 19th, French planes fired the first shots, destroying Gaddafi’s tanks and armored vehicles outside the rebel stronghold of Benghazi. Later, U.S. and British warships and submarines launched at least 110 Tomahawk missiles against the Colonel’s air defenses.

The western coalition in Libya comprises the US, Great Britain, France, Norway, Spain and Denmark. Qatar has also expressed its intention to join in.

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Comment: What kind of humanity calls this justice?  This is racist anti-Islam thievery under the disguise of a humanitarian mission.  Who will be next?
According to preliminary information provided by Libyan authorities 48 people including women and children, have already died and at least 150 have been injured since the UN-backed military operation kicked in on Saturday evening.  

Many civilian facilities have been badly damaged, including a hospital just outside the capital.
Watch your back.



Atlanta Roofing said...

The power Gadhafi holds over the people of Libya is the military. The Libyan military capability is being decimated. If Gadhafi advances the military on civilians, the Libyan military will be further decimated. Much of the military has also already defected. As in Egypt, if the military stands down, Gadhafi's reign could end. As in Egypt, the future of Libya lies in the hands of the military. The Libyan military may decide the fate of Libya.

Ridwan said...

Sorry for the late reply Atlanta Roofing.

I expect that the fate of Libya has been decided already. A sad chapter in a crazy time.