Friday, April 29, 2011

Dumber than a Door Nail

A birther right?

"We’re living through something like a reverse Renaissance, a retro dark age where faith in manufactured fictions becomes more powerful than fact. That a sizable portion of Americans believe Obama was not born in this country is no different than the sizable portion of Americans who think he’s Muslim, or the equally sizable portion of Americans who to this day think Saddam Hussein plotted the 9/11 attacks or that those weapons of mass destruction will turn up one of these days and prove the Iraq invasion sham right after all, or the even more sizable portion of Americans who don’t know their socialism from their Medicare. If people want to believe in their prejudices, they’ll invent the stories to make those prejudices stick. Blacks didn’t endure 400 years of slavery because white Americans had a knack for the rational."
 Read Pierre Tristam's "Birthers, Royal, and Crocks" here

Idiot Credit


Kimberly Pillon said...

Hi Ridwan,
I thnk about you often and hope you are doing well.

Well this issue is so beat up that I just can't believe that no one see how racial it really is.
Here are a couple of other aricles that are interesting:

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Ridwan said...

Hi Kimberley!

Great to hear from you. I am well and sincerely hope the same is true for you up there.

I do have the same email.

Thanks for the links too. I look forward to catching up in this crazy time.

Peace to you.


Ridwan said...

Oops !!! I wrote Kimberley instead of Kimberly!

Just like old days huh?

When you coming to visit the rainbow people?