Friday, April 29, 2011

Open-Toilets for the Poor Unconstitutional

The Democratic Alliance (DA) is a joke.
"The construction of unenclosed toilets at the Makhaza informal settlement on the Cape Flats meant that the City of Cape Town had lost sight of the constitutional rights and needs of the poor, the Western Cape High Court ruled on Friday. 

In a judgment that lasted longer than three hours, Judge Nathan Erasmus declared the provision of unenclosed toilets at the settlement to be a violation of the residents' constitutional rights to dignity. 

He ruled that an agreement concluded between the then mayor of Cape Town and the City of Cape Town itself for the provision of unenclosed toilets, was unreasonable, unlawful and inconsistent with the mayor and City of Cape town's constitutional duties to provide for the basic needs of the poor." 
Read the rest of this breaking story here.

Comment: No sh*t hey.  What was the white party thinking?  Premier Helen Zille should be made to pay damages too or at the very least asked to demonstrate how to use an open-toilet ;0)

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pserean said...

Heh. don't you know- they're taking steps to 'recivilize the native'.....just very slowly, of course. The DA quite frankly scares me.

.....though i have to admit- there's an open toilet not far from where i live.....and no one actually goes In.
They use the wall.


pserean said...

And I know this is pedantic, but if you're going to do a catchy slogan, I think 'rest in p*ss' would have been better.
I'm just saying, is all....

Ridwan said...

Salaams pserean:

I agree with you on the "rest in p*ss" part :0)

It is all scary though huh: What goes for development and development debates in our rainbow nightmare?

I trust you are well and enjoying some of your time off from the usual.

I am dreading the trip back to the usual tomorrow.

Be well.