Sunday, June 26, 2011

A Fluffy Blog

This blog is in its fifth year.  Over this period it has moved between posts about motorcycles and dogs and politics and pissed off rants.

The latter two have been more consistent features - there is no me without a rant :)

Of late I have just written freely about things personal and close to my heart and things that weigh, for now, heavy.

Truth is I'm not even reading the daily ton of newspapers and journals that usually inform some of the more substantive posts here.  I have been slowly disconnecting myself for reasons not entirely apparent.

This morning I thought over coffee that I am baring too much of me here.  I thought that some of the moments when I just write personal and edit later may cause some people close to me to be uncomfortable.

I then took several posts down and then put them up again (being a Gemini) after I thought the damage was done already.

I know my cousin A. will disagree with me.  She reads the closest here and though she does not post comments I get her thoughts on the daily and many times in person.

She is wholly supportive of me writing so close.  But still the mirror in me head is making me worry.

I have wondered what my struggle brother, Angry over at ANG, may be thinking about the late course and content of this small piece of me.

Blogs can be anything as you must know.  You either write 'em or you don't.  You either read 'em or you don't.

I started this blog and carried it as a contrived piece of irreverent protest and not out of any simplistic 'struggle' pretense (it is after all just a damn blog).

I never intended this space to be a Facebook type of interaction.  I'm not saying that it is but I am feeling concerned that some of what I write here (of late) is just fluff or too fluffy.

I am not worried that the Guru may be offended.  He is above the mundane and knows I carry him in high, if even somewhat tainted, esteem.  :0)

Much of what the brother says is right.  He can see and talk even when he sleeps.  And in the wee hours of this morning I heard him tell me to accept that the option to just walk is primarily a matter of my privilege.

Yeah I have the latitude to thumb my nose at salary hell and its idiots because I can.  I hear you O' wise, shaven, and decidedly forever single sage but you are also wrong about what I am heading toward (and what brought me here).

All of the above gets me to the belabored point of saying that I am deciding what to do with this blog.

I have been here before.

I don't want to stop writing here but I don't like fluff, fluffy, or even a little of both.



pserean said...

The last time I heard someone say 'fluffy', it was uttered in a babydoll voice and came from a woman who was as hard as nails, and even shared the same hobby.

I've been leery of fluffy ever since :P

Trust me, Ridz- you Don't have a fluffy blog.


Ridwan said...


I am absolutely gonna take your word for it P. :0)

You know of what you speak.

Thanks a ton.

Absolutely P., Onwards!

Dade said...

Ridwan, my brother, this post hits home for me. I struggle with the same worries every day.

Here is how I convince myself to keep going:

1. The reason I write is because I have the need to create. If people enjoy reading what I write, that is a bonus, but the main objective is to express my thoughts.

2. No one is compelled to read my blog. Each person is free to like it, hate it, or ignore it.

3. Beyond providing an outlet for my creative desires, my blog does not have an express purpose. At least, beyond this: to always tell the truth.

I have a lot of frivolous posts on my blog. But, ironically, the posts that I consider frivolous are often the posts that people enjoy most.

And, I have to say, I really like that you're branching out and writing new stuff. It's good to stretch oneself intellectually, yes?

I agree with pserean: your blog is not fluffy.

My advice: don't over think it. Write from your heart and always tell the truth as you see it. There is no way that any fair thinking person would consider that to be fluff.

Keep going!

Ridwan said...

Hey brother Dade:

I just got done reading over at your spot and marveling at your pictures.

That was one hell of a nice vacation huh my brother?

Your 2011 naked bike ride post reminded me of my 2007 naked bike ride post that got almost all bicycling Portland mad at me. :0)

What did Maty think??

Some folks should just not be naked anywhere but in their solitude huh ?? :0)

Thanks for your words on this old blog of mine. You and I have soldiered on in blog world.

Its been years brother.

Our soul brother Eugene seems to have given up but I hold out that he might pick up some day soon.

I need to drop him a line.

I still read your blog without fail and check in daily even when I'm not commenting.

You have managed to keep it fresh and interesting.

I like the truth telling part brother. I'm down with that.

I am going to take your advice and stop my brain from 'over thinking' for sure.

Only one person told me that some of my posts made them "uncomfortable" of late.

That person is close to me and sees the 'new' pressing of emotions and feelings out of synch with my usual private/secluded demeanor.

I understand and respect her opinion.

But I have thought more about it and like the irreverence at poking fun at my being.

Hey what use is a break-up and lost love if you can't poke fun at it ... ?

I'm tired of the usual politics and deconstruction only.

There is a politics of self that I want to play with here.

And I like that pserean thinks my blog is not fluffy even though I think the word may mean something else in addition for her ... dunno.

I absolutely luv your posts where you talk about your life with Maty. I have great admiration for that part of you and your life.

In no small part because you and I are middle aged brothers still playing ... naaaa brother I was not even talking about Maty's age :0)

Thanks brother Dade. You have an uncanny way of making me see beyond my immediate myopia.

I feel energized now!

And yes brother it is good to grow intellectually.