Thursday, June 30, 2011

Why is it that ... ?

When I left for work this morning my neighbor's Jack Russells were barking incessantly. At air.

When I got home just after lunch (yeah Guru I left work early, again) they were in the same position, barking incessantly. At air.

Why is it that Jack Russells bark incessantly? Little sh*ts!

I remember when D. and I stopped by to view my townhouse the same culprits were barking. I looked at them knowing I would not be feeling their asses in about six weeks.

Six days later I was about to put a cap in both their asses but they belong to two really nice post-apartheid white folks and I'm doing my part for rainbowism and reconciliation. For now!

Why is it that when it is really cold your little toe will find every sharp edge and your fingers will get caught in every door jam in the house?

Five minutes ago I decided to write a very different post but then my finger got caught in the door jam of my bedroom after I went there to put on another sweater over the three I am already wearing.

The pain traveled the length of my resolve to ignore it and then I felt a warm sensation in the palm of my left hand.

And so here I am typing with one and a half hands and my abused finger has a deep cut that is bleeding in tune to the old skool Heavy D playing in the background.

Why is it that the Overweight Luva from Mount Vernon stopped rhyming? "Lovable, huggable, snuggable, ..." and all dat!

Why is it that a girl/?\friend from your very distant teen past can always find the time in her busy married family life and work schedule to just just f*ck your day up nicely on the regular?

Why is it that some folks who are trapped by their inability to think and feel outside of their demons think that just because you know them you understand their sh*t?

Why is it that I even care enough to be hurt by accusations that belong to an imagination I never imagined and a past and present that has f*ck-all to do with me?

Why is it that I have not been to the gym in two weeks? Save it Erica! ;^)

Why is it that I always answer my emails faster than most folks who write me?

Why is it that there were only two racist email attacks in my box today? Buck up crackaz, I'm still promising all of you a gift wrapped cap in yo' ass by Xmas!

Why is it that when your heart is running around somewhere on the left coast you can't think straight and mix up what is left for what is right or for what is left to say and what is all right left unsaid?

Why is it that my heart skips several beats between her written words of late?

Why is it that I am missing your peaceful hands so much?

Why is it that when I dream you are never gone from me?

Why is it that I'm trying to come to terms so hard but I wish even harder that we could sit quietly in the garden and watch her prune roses?

Why is it that I did not see that forever would not be forever even when you warned me so?

Why is it that a finger can bleed so much?



Erica said...

A lot of layers. Nice

Two weeks? I think you need to rectify that!

Thank you very much!!!


Ridwan said...

Hola Erica:

I am getting back tomorrow. No lie. Promise.

Hate to start up again but hey so it is when you lay off.

How is your Spanish?

No hay de qué bebé. Tener una tarde maravillosa.

Te echo de menos y va a escribir esta noche.

Consiga a alguien para que le traduzca.

Más tarde, querido corazón,

pserean said...

You have a jinn in the garden and the dogs are going mad trying to bark it away.

(you do realise any indian muslim could have answered that one for you, right?)

on the + side, if you have any more accidents to your fingers- you'll be a Real michael jackson fan:)

Ridwan said...


You had a great day at work I can tell :0)

I had a long talk with Nolwazi about Jinn's a week before she was beamed up to la la land permanently it seems (I am gonna miss her crazy ass too but her spirit was always too good for this mundane earth).

AnyHowze, she was talking about muti and tokaloshes when I told her about Jinns in Islam - she was watching the Islam Channel at the same time too!

But yeah it must be Jinns.

But I did not pick it up over the barking. Must be that Malay side of me that wanted to build a nice wooden dog house without nails and then just bury their asses forever ... just jiving SPCA.

I would use a few nails.

Oh and thanks for your 'concern' about my finger, I totally feel the luv :0)

Be gud ne,

Aasia said...


Why do you think you answer girl-from-past's emails/texts/calls when you know she gonna fuck shit up for you?

Nature- the reason why frozen toes find unforgiving surfaces.

Caring is good, even if the sentiment sucks ass( shows you're human)

The rest of the questions makes me feel like I owe you a hug.

And @pserean Jinn really come now plaas girl, I expect more imagination lady!

Keep that bleeding finger Upward :)
Oh by the way Nkosinathi Biko is a legend. The fight is back on!

Thinking of you

Ridwan said...

Hey Aasia:

Yeah your question cuts through it ne. Will tell u when we talk.

Finger is doing great. Thanks

Glad the Biko thing went cool and the fight is back on ... I should send you the emails from the racist folks just in case the light grows dim every now and then.

You owe me that hug now :0) and I'm collecting dude ... it is here in writing too!!

Peace to ya ... well militant peace is better.