Friday, July 15, 2011

Three Funky Fridays

When I started the habit of posting Funky Fridays in the Fall of 2007 I called it "Three Funky Fridays".  To my surprise a few folks even tuned in out of habit to hear the sh*t I put up.

If I missed a Friday I'd get a gentle email reminder.  So I started Sunday Soul and occasional Quiet Storms like they used to do on black r&b/soul radio stations across the US starting in the early seventies. 

I think I have a much younger base of readers now.  Say so because I am more likely to get snide email remarks and ageist comments about the jams thrown around here. 

Whatever Hillary Duffs ...

Wait till your twenty-sumthen ass is 47 and Brittney and Beyonce bring a tear to yo' eyes.  It's sad that folks like that even exist today but two decades from now it will be a tragedy of your generation.  :0)

So, three themes run through me head today.

One: I f*ck a lot with white people and whiteness; Two: I don't nearly f*ck enough in South Africa and therefore I'm virtually insane; Three: the blog accumulated over seven hundred total hits yesterday and today according to Google stats because I keeps it real.

Yeah Guru I said over 700 hundred.  What you think just you and your mamma read here?  She don't do she? ... I hope not cause the word f*ck may just cause an aneurism or worse she could just regret the irresponsible nasty sh*t that led to you and file to disown your middle-age ass.

Dunno ;0) but turn up the volume anyway b*tch and see how the themes relate to the cuts below.

PS: Ummm moms if you reading here you need to ignore number two.  But don't worry I'm working on getting my scores up.  Would do so this weekend but the petrol strike is f*cking with the range of my game. 

And yeah I'm using protection moms.  I always keep one eye open to make sure her man is not pulling up into the driveway.  For real.

Just jiving moms.  Its easier to just pay for the nasty.  Cause you end up paying anyway you slice it.




Erica said...

Well damn.......

Rid drops mic and strolls off stage!!

And I hope the hell mom is reading this!! :)

Ridwan said...

Yeah baby and you thought all us academic niggaz was reserved huh?

Did I tell u I once did stand-up ... naaaa Erica not in class?

But come to think of it teaching is kinda like stand-up.

You wanna keep their attention you betta say some sh*t they can relate to and better make em laugh too.

You need to hang with D. and I when you visit ... you will feel like your ass is at the Apollo.

The Guru ... that boy just shakes his head but will laugh even if you push the envelope way past his mailbox.

D.'s hero is Jerome. And you know I can do Jerome cause I be that "international playa from the Himalaya".

Thank you for putting up with me. Cause you luv me huh? :0)

If me moms read here she would wash me mouth with dish washing soap. She did when I was a kid and she will now that I'm a grown-up kid (was that not a Toys R Us jingle? ... "I don't wanna grow up I'm a Toys R Us kid")

Peace and luv,

PS: Now you know there is some fool thinking this sh*t is real ... they out there baby. Watch your fynness I'm telling ya.

Erica said...

What's not to love about an international playa from the Himalayas? I just hope he forgos the jerry curl and grill before I get there. Not a good look, but the goatee can stay.

Seriously.....yes I love you!!!

Ridwan said...

You cracks me up ... Jerome can't forgo the grill gurl!

And the Jerry curl ... hell no.

Chrome and gold teeth and that shorts and white socks ... you see those bruthaz at the cookouts ... "come on here gurl you luuk real good since you growen".

I know you know cause you definitely one of those sistas who has had your fair share of clocking a few of those bruthaz.

I bet you fierce too :0)

We have those bruthaz this far south too. Shut up Erica ... not me :0)

Ain't it quitting time up there yet?

Go party for me too will ya.

I'll holla,