Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Of Caucasians, Christians and Desperate White Men

Why Conservative Racialists in the US, UK and Israel Are Ultimately Responsible for the Tragedy in Norway

The Angryindian
Editor: Aboriginal News Group
August 7, 2011

‘As for a climactic conflict between a once-Christian West and an Islamic world that is growing in numbers and advancing inexorably into Europe for the third time in 14 centuries, on this one, Breivik may be right’.
- Patrick Buchanan -

For once it would be refreshing if White society actually took responsibility for its own congenital insanities, but this isn’t likely to happen anytime soon. Expecting the dominating Europocentric racist world order to willingly come to grips with its own xenophobic hubris is foolish. Denial is central to the paradigm and White racism as an ideology has been spinning the same outrageous frequent liar programme across the globe for generations. The reality that people around the world are being starved, maimed and killed in the name of positive White control has always been soft-pecked and dismissed as inconsequential. Although racialist laws are considered morally reprehensible, Apartheid in South Africa was clearly defined as racial separation and it was still supported by all of the major democratic powers.

We can make believe that we are witnessing a sudden sea change in social and political attitudes, but this just isn’t credible. The writing, in large part due to the maddening and sickening violence of Anders Breivik, is on the proverbial wall and it is written in scarlet. You and I both know what is really going down in the world, to whom it is happening to and ultimately, who it is that benefits from the institution and maintenance of human-on-human brutality. And we are all cowards for knowing this and for allowing it to continue in a democracy. And Whites who work overtime to deny what has been going on in their name for centuries are the greatest cowards of all.

At some point one would hope that White people as a demographic would eventually come to their senses and stop playing games with the lives, minds and general welfare of others by facing up to the truth of their own belligerent behaviour. They could actually begin right now by admitting to themselves that the Christian terrorist, Anders Behring Breivik, is one of theirs. This hasn’t happened yet because the conservative lobby is doing everything possible to deny the obvious connections him and the rest of the White ‘race’. Some are even going so far as to deny that Breivik is actually ‘White’ since we now know that Breivik decided to undergo plastic surgery in the United States in order to look, ‘more Aryan’. Twisted identity politics maybe? Perhaps. But no matter how the conservative lobbies in the US, UK and Israeli may try to spin things, Anders Breivik in all his anti-Muslim, bathed in the blood of Jesus glory belongs to them lock, stock and bloody barrel.

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Comment: Angryindian has provided a biting analysis that contests the usual white and comprador nonsense that wants to hide Breivik's actions inside his individual personality/insanity.

Whiteness will have us believe that Breivik's insanity is not the insanity of whites in the main.  Whiteness is never found to be at fault since its omnipresent histiography is contained by a manifest destiny and a purity of purpose.

In this way whiteness exempts itself from the kind of "congenital" pathology apportioned or projected onto all black/brown skins and Muslims.

So when the likes of Breivik or Deryl Dedmon wreak racist havoc there is little attempt to interrogate or condemn the pathology, structure, and history of whiteness.

Whiteness is after all self-defined by the rational white mind and its divine commonsense.  This raises so many troubling questions.

How does whiteness get away with exempting itself from condemnation while its adherents consume and advance its paranoia about the dangerous black man or terrorist Muslim, for example?

How does whiteness ignore its historical irrationality and insanity?

How does whiteness nurture the racism of Breivik or Dedmon?  What makes these kinds white men to go out and fight for the survival of whites even where whiteness has been laying destruction down on the lives of black/brown skins for at least six centuries?

Is it not all humanity that is really at stake as whiteness rains down its brutal control and subjugation on all of us?  And when I say all of us I mean all of humanity.

Like Angry I am not swayed by the nonsense that the madness of Breivik is what must be confronted when the same kind of madness is to be found in the imperial policies of the US in more than 120 countries across the globe is so blatant.

How different is Breivik from the US policy that illegally kills innocents in Pakistan and Afghanistan with drones?  And does so for no other reason than the Sheriff John Brown paranoia of "killing them before they grow".

Is it just a few of us who see the structural madness that ties whiteness in its wide brutality to the death and destruction that defines the current historical moment?


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