Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Dumb Sh*t You Hear While Watching India's NDTV

The following is the selling line for a company known as Elite Matrimony.  I just saw their advert on India's NDTV, a channel carried here on DSTV in South Africa.

"Give your children life's most precious gift.  A happy marriage."

What the hell hey?

No pappa and mamma money bags you should be thinking about you.  It makes more cents.

In 2011 you should not be giving a f*ck or buying a f*ck for your damn kids.  Leave them bitches to fend for themselves.

It just ain't right no matter how ugly they "upper crust(y)" asses my be.



Anonymous said...

it makes more cents?

I like that line, Ridi.

Ridwan said...

I thought you would :0)

Stupid post though ... just playing, again.