Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The Dumbest Sh*t You Will Ever Read in Rainbow Delusion

Men caught raping dogs
IOL News
September 20, 2011.
Two cases of bestiality involving dogs were reported by police in two provinces on Tuesday.

In the North West, a man apparently had sex with a dog in a toilet in Mabopane, north-west of Pretoria, on Sunday.

Lt-Col Dikatso Thebe said the owner of a house in block EW, Mabopane, caught the 21-year-old with the dog and called nearby residents, who beat up the man.

He handed himself to the police the next day out of fear of the residents, Thebe said.

The man was expected to face a charge of bestiality in the Ga-Rankuwa Magistrate's Court on Wednesday.

In Sun City village, near KwaMhlanga in Mpumalanga, a man was arrested for allegedly having sex with a friend's dog.

The 48-year-old arrived at his friend's house at 8pm on Monday and asked for him, Sergeant Nonhlanhla Kgosana said.

His wife told him her husband was not home and the man walked back to the gate.

Once the woman was back in the house, the man grabbed the couple's dog and ran into the toilet with the animal, Kgosana said.

She heard the animal howling and ran out to call the neighbours.

They came across the man leaving the yard and found blood on the dog.

Kgosana said the man was linked to the crime when the police found dog fur and bloodstains in his pants.

He was expected to face a charge of bestiality in the KwaMhlanga Magistrate's Court on Wednesday. - Sapa
Comment: And there you were thinking there can be no more of these types of dumb sh*t news stories from Rainbow Delusion to make it onto the blog.

And you may be questioning my sanity to put this sorta stories up.

I mean why would a thinking man be drawn to these types of horrific stories even as Palestinian statehood is to be voted on in the UN General Assembly?

Well dawg there is a general undressing of my consciousness going on but this story above came across my screen after I just spent and hour playing with my two bulls in the front yard of number 11.

Somewhere in the games that can get rough when a boerbol and boxer comes rushing at your ass at speed I was thinking how lucky I am to have two such beautiful animal companions.

Where in the order of life is there even place for this kind of deviance that is described above?

I know newspapers in South Africa like to sell sensationalism.  And I know there are a whole grip of YTs sitting around and pontificating on the bestial quality of black life since both men above are black.

But, I want to set that aside and just say I would put a cap in the ass of both these f*ckers if it were up to me.

For real.


Ps. Oh if your ass is still shaking yo' head incredulously then be prepared to shake some more after you read this pearl: "China Bans Dog Eating Carnival".


Erica said...

Wow. There it's it's horses.....

Go figure!

Proof that there's natsty mofos all over.

Just dammit nasty.

Make sure you pay close attention to anyone that comes over to visit the zoo.

You know the ones. They have that certain "sparkle" in their eyes at the mere mention of the word "animal"

Onward Indeed!!!

Nolwazi said...

You see, this is why I hate Black people and White people. Even though I'm a bit of both, I hate both of them almost equally.

What's this nonsense in the papers now? Eish nah, South Africa doesn't know how to prioritise JACKSH%T! What's this now?

It's been made up. The story. It's been made up. I can't believe it. I won't believe it. Eintlek, what's going on in this country?

Ridwan said...

Hey there Erica.

I bet it is sheep and horses and cats and God's other creatures just about everywhere.

Not to mention trafficking in kids and prostitution (mail order brides) and forced marriages.

It is sad all around that these types of things are part of the human condition - and what a messed up condition hey.

As I write that fool Obama is trying to stop Palestine leaders from getting statehood status in the UN General Assembly.

This black man. This brother of ours who kicked Jeremiah Wright in the teeth and sold out every cause he professed while joining Wall street rich folk to screw all poor people anywhere.

Did he forget how Israel rained down banned chemical weapons on the ghetto that is Gaza?

No he did not. He is an evil dirty bastard just like those two b*tches who are accused of bestiality.

Yeah we f*cked up and like Dead Prez said on their only CD that counts: "Niggaz just ain't ready for revolution."



Ridwan said...

Hola Nolwazi.

I hear you and I too am wondering what's going.

I trust you well sista.



Nolwazi said...

No Ridwan, I'm not well. Why don't Black people make their own fruit salad if they like fruit salad instead of attacking mine?

Don't they know where the fruit are? Aint they get the memo- Blacks can buy fruit without getting permission from klein baas now- Mandela's out of jail! He asked klein baas to grant us permission to buy and eat fruit so now we can. Aint no need to get a job as a teacher and prowl the staffroom in search for fruit salad, target Nolwazi's fruit salad then move in for the kill. And I mean, kill her salad then murder her straight after so she doesn't call you out on being a greedy nigga! FLIPPING HELL MAN!!!