Monday, October 10, 2011

Moto Guzzi Lives in Retro

This is a 2010 Moto Guzzi V7 Clubman Racer and it is another take on "old is new" motorbikes.

I know my boy Tony is shaking his head over there in the country that will be licking their wounds when the All Blacks kick their rugby ass this weekend.

But you should know Tony is a real biker.  And though he will likely see the art behind this retro boney he will be wondering about the power or rather, the lack of power.

Unlike Tony's liter bike this baby is a 744cc V-twin 5-speed 'sporting' only 48.8 hp and 58.2 Nm.

But dawg it is a piece of art.  Can you imagine sipping coffee at your favorite caffeine hole and staring at folks staring at your bike?

What if your too young girlfriend was along for the ride in too tight leathers?  Huh huh ... you feeling me now?  :0)

Moto Guzzi have been around since 1921 and with this bike they have been able to capture the feel and look of a 70s café racer.  Check out the rearsets and clip-ons and polished aluminum gas tank.

And if you know your Italian café racers you will appreciate the wrapped headers.

Just beautiful huh?

If I had one it would be in my living room.  Perhaps even mounted on my wall when I was not washing it and polishing the spoke rims - after riding it of course :0)

Did I tell you that one of my favorite caffeine holes sits adjacent to my favorite bike shop in Portland?

1999 Honda CB750 Nighthawk
It is a Triumph and now Moto Guzzi shop and the folks there never even raised an eyebrow when I stopped in every few days on my black old skool 1999 Honda CB750 Nighthawk to dream about setting aside my prejudices and buying a Brit bike.

You know a brutha must be nostalgic if I am missing a bike shop in God's urinal.  Umm that is what I call Portland because it never stops raining there.

Oh the blog is not going retro-bike soft.  Longtime suffers here know that bike posts and stories about dogs have been usual fare over the five years this blog has limped along.

I wonder if there are even Moto Guzzi dealers in the delusional rainbow?  Don't think so.


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Tony said...

Broer, I'm not feeling this Guzzi. The first thing that got me about the Triumph was that I liked it's looks. Then you gaze over the beefy (fully adjustable) front suspension and stoppers that look like they'll make your eyes bleed. Adjustable rear shocks and wide tyres that seemingly have enough grip to keep those footpegs dragging without tipping you onto your ear.
On the Guzzi, my eyes were drawn away from the clipons and rearsets by the skinny tyres and not too flash brakes and unadjustable front suspension. Damn, I went wrong somewhere along the way. Many moons ago I would just be happy that I had a bike!
Back in the day, I think I would have died for one of those "850 Le Mans" Guzzis. But for now, I think that the Triumph would tickle my fancy.

Ridwan said...

Hey there Tony:

Thanks for setting the nostalgia in place my brother.

I am saddened to say I noticed none of those important details you raise.

I did notice the bike sells for around $9 000 US. So I sat furious cussing out the ANC for a minute before I wondered what I would do with my girth while gripping those clip-ons.

But then you know me and my kind - we still think all those cherries in Vogue magazine are real :0)

If you still want that 850 Le Mans there is a wit ou trying to sell his red one which he says is original - he wants more than the entire Guzzi company is worth.

I did not tell you there actually is an official Royal Enfield dealer in Kimberley.

You read that right boeta.

As of this writing they have sold exactly ... well nothing yet but they keep calling me.

Apparently I am the only idiot who even knew that the bike is Indian now.

And sadly I used the word cool three times when I tried to kick the tiny tire but failed.

I am gonna keep this retro bike thing going for a while and I am gonna keep my dream of that Vogue model close to my (un)reality too.

I forgot to tell you that ou Greg Star asked me how you were doing the other day.

He rides a Suzuki Hayabusa - a heffa of a bike I happen to know you harbor no luv for.

Ride for me too.

Peace Tony,