Saturday, November 12, 2011

F*ck Veterans Day

Mr. Fish: Red Menace

"Veteran’s Day (sic) is not a celebration to honor those who have served in our armed forces; it is a glorification of this country’s ongoing slaughter of defenseless people throughout the world."
Marti and Luke Hiken: Dissident Voice, 11/11.
There is no glory in war and no redeeming need to remember those who served.  Instead, remember the innocents who have been killed - and are being killed - in wars fought over elite interests and greed.

How many of the proud patriots who celebrated Veterans Day yesterday can name one innocent face who was killed yesterday or any day before?

The US used drones to kill more than 200 innocents in eastern Somalia and Pakistan over the last few days.  And the killing continues even as I write.

All this injustice and hardly a voice among the patriots will call for sanity and humanity!

So f*ck Veterans Day and to hell with supporting the troops.  And, if your ass is black or brown or poor and you are part of the killing machine in any way, forget asking for my support.  You dead to me.

I do not support the troops.


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