Friday, November 11, 2011

Three Funky Fridays

Seeing that it is 11-11-11 today, I am resurrecting the Three Funky Fridays play in memory of the Hevster.

Oh boo boo did I tell you I held my breath and made a wish at 11am and 11 seconds today?

Yes Ma'am that I did and later tonight I will do so again at 11pm and 11 seconds :0)

OK here we go.  One mo' time:

RIP Heavy

I know you not supposed to tell.  But I guess it is OK to say I wished for a "Peaceful Journey".


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Anonymous said...

still feeling it huh? nice memories attached to these ridwan. love you.

xoxo ;)

Anonymous said...

Yeah you remembered 11:11, i will be making mine today also.

Miss you and love you. Tell Mama Fatima I said hello

Ridwan said...

Yeah Lauren Big Hev is gonna be missed. There is a cut of his where he tells a story of his big brother and his bicycle. It is a powerful memory of brother who succumbed to drugs.

The cut is also a lament about a life too short. Irony?


I trust you are well luv. Will holla your way.

Peace and luv,

Ridwan said...

Yeah I did boo boo. I will tell moms you said hello.

Did I tell you I miss you a ton?

Love Ya Angie,