Friday, November 11, 2011

Let's Play Cowboys and Iranians!

This racist poster is said to be of 1979 vintage and it hangs in a restaurant in Katy Texas called Nonmacher's Bar-B-Q.

The poster is supposedly in response to the time when Americans where held hostage in Iran about three decades ago.

Despite calls from folks to remove the poster the owner of the barbecue joint, John Nonmacher, is adamant it is staying up.  He said in part:
"This is still America. If they're not happy here, then they should go back to Iran.  It’s my choice to have it up.  It’s your choice to go where you want to go.  But I’m not going to take it down."
The "they" part in his defiant reaction is in reference to the statement by the Iranian Alliances Across Borders’ (IAAB) who say in part:
The IAAB ... condemn both the violent image portrayed in the poster and its bigotry towards Iranians, as well as indigenous groups. Fundamental American values of tolerance, diversity, and respect for all human beings are not in accordance with the offensive nature displayed by the poster.  We believe that the ideas represented in this incident are detrimental to civil society, especially at a time when democratic dialogue is critical to mitigating political tensions.  We stand in solidarity with communities of color that have and continue to experience this kind of demonization.  We firmly believe that the propagation of such hostile ideas should not exist within any society.
John Nonmacher, being the good-ol-boy from the South that he is, will have no part of this liberal conspiracy to redefine his 'god-given' right to hate and discriminate against who the f*ck he wants to.

It is typical cracka mentality and no doubt served with a side of extra large fries and a Coke.

Just a few decades ago the lynched Iranian could have been a black woman or man.  And a few more decades before that it could have been an Indian man or woman.

Lynching is part of whiteness and this good-ol-boy is just protecting his cultural heritage.  After all, that poster speaks to values that are still under attack even while John Nonmacher sleeps.

So there is work to be done to protect the white way and America.

Iran is the last real bogeyman left on the block.  With the Colonel dispatched it is now necessary to focus on Iran.  Have you been listening to the UN and Israel drum for a strike at Iran?  

John Nonmacher, of course, will not be able to find Israel on a map if his life depended on it.  And the UN most likely means f*ckall to him.

But that should not matter to anyone in his posse who wants to put a cap in the ass of any Iranian standing in the way of his politics and his ribs.

This good-ol-boy is doing it for American values.  And if the Iranian-Americans and their pansy liberal supporters don't like it they can go live in Iran or Iraq or Libya or Afghanistan.

There in those places you will find communists and Islamofacists and other un-American f*cks who want to destroy the constitution and f*ck with Heinz ketchup and its 57 varieties.

In Katy Texas it is OK to be beholden by an image that is racist and violent and even contains the words "Iranians Suck" on a t shirt, because after all ... ain't it the American way?

America.  Love it white or leave.



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Charmaine said...

Hey there Ridwan,

It is so sad to me that there are still such insensitive people like the owner walking around. Would he feel the same if someone denigrated his people in the same way? Probably not. What an idiot and there are more of him everywhere. So sad.

Ridwan said...

Hi Charmaine:

It is sad but all too common in those parts.

Let's see if he cracks under the pressure.

It should be considered hate speech.


I will holla.

Peace and luv,