Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Israeli Settlers Attack Mosque in al-Quds

December 14, 2011.

Israeli settlers have once against attacked a mosque in the western part of al-Quds (Jerusalem) to terrorize the Palestinian community, residents say. 

The settlers moved to set the mosque ablaze on Wednesday and scrawled anti-Arab graffiti on the walls of the building, AFP reported.

The attackers also set fire to a building nearby, the report said.

"A good Arab is a dead Arab" and "price tag" were spray-painted by the settlers on the exterior walls of the mosque.

Israeli settlers are the main suspects behind "price tag" operations on mosques in the Palestinian territories.

Under the so-called "price tag" policy, Israeli settlers regularly engage in attacks against Palestinians and their properties, in supposed reaction to Tel Aviv's operations against illegal settlements.

Muslim nations have frequently blamed such acts on the Israeli regime, calling them a sacrilege of Islamic sanctities. The Israeli settlers have been heavily armed by Tel Aviv, and enjoy near immunity.

Violence by extremist settlers against the native Palestinian population is routine.

Comment:  And the UN will be doing what exactly to protect Palestinians from these Israeli thugs.

Can we expect Nato to launch an aerial bombardment of Israeli and its settlements until they respect the human rights of Palestinians?

Or, are Palestinians just less than human?

What a sham!  The west kills Gaddafi but it sat on its hands as Israel bombed Gaza to pieces.  Where was the concern for the innocent victims of Israel's inhumane actions (which have never seized).

Bet you hear not a peep out of Tom or Killary on this round of action by Israeli terrorists.



desert demons said...

Ridi brown & black lives are not as valuable as white lives... learn it!

Ridwan said...

I hear you DD. :0)