Thursday, December 15, 2011

That Time of Selling Again

I like Christmas.  Well, I like it where it snows and there is Egg Nog and some semblance of a festive mood beyond the incessant capitalization (just about hard to miss anywhere these days though).

I grew up appreciating Christmas and respecting what it means to Christians cause my grandma taught me so.

Just a few hours ago I was in a store and they were piping in Christmas tunes amidst the hurry of folks who seem to be on a holiday treadmill.

It is all familiar.  The hurry.  The rush.

And then the let down.  It is inevitable.  You do know that this time of the year more people commit suicide than any other time of the year?

Oh yeah, did I tell you that more people kill themselves here in the Northern Cape than in any other province in South Africa?  And they do so all year round too!

OK, so my rant is really about how capitalists shape Christmas (other holidays too).  It is a holiday so commercialized now that it has lost any spiritual meaning (mostly).

They selling us stuff.  All of us.  And they selling prejudices too wrapped up in feel good crap.

Thought you may like this blast from the not so distant past:

 Does it not just suck?  Bet the other box is a blender!

So Guru, if you planning on buying that make-belief significant other a gift this Christmas, make it a real gift.

Try a microwave for Chinese leftovers.  Or a popcorn maker for game days.

I'm getting my make-belief girlfriend lingerie.  Again.


Ps. I wonder if she would rather have a Kawasaki?

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