Saturday, March 17, 2012

Robert Bales: The American Murderer of 16 Innocents in Afghanistan

A photo showing Sgt Robert Bales was removed from a 
military website when his name was released (BBC)

Comment: I cannot believe that this murderous fool acted alone.  I have read that he carried out his murderous spree for three hours just 500 meters from a US military camp.

Other reports say he piled eleven bodies and then burned them - with the noise of gun shots why was there no reaction from the US camp especially given that it happened around 3am?

Why has the American military only released his name now that he is on his way to the US?

It makes me physically sick just looking at his face!

I watched a BBC report just a few minutes ago where talk about Bales' brain injury was raised.  A neighbor weighed in saying she thought him to be a very kind man who was a friend to everyone he met.

Well this racist b*tch was not a friend to 16 innocent Afghans who were asleep in their own country.

Nonetheless, I am not alone in my thinking that Bales may have pulled the trigger but he was not the primary murderer; the blame for what happened belongs to Obama and Bush and Clinton and company who are the warlords directly responsible.

Don't forget the murderous callousness of Secretary of State Madeleine Albright (under Clinton) who said that the deaths of 500,000 Iraqi children was worth what the US wanted to achieve in Afghanistan.

The US in this moment will want to distance itself from Robert Bales' actions.  In the months to come we will know more about an unstable man who was issued a restraining order somewhere in Seattle after and altercation with a woman.

More details will come to surface to paint him as a loner and misfit who was suffering this or that personal calamity - all to show that his murders are unlike the official murders the US calls a war for democracy.

Can anything be more disgusting than such a mindset?

Though President Karzai is raising his voice and some see this as dissent I am not moved by this stooge.  Karzai is bought and paid for by the US and he is a major reason why the US can murder as it pleases in Afghanistan.

For now, the attention will be on those who have to show Bales' was barely an American (Seattle is almost in Canada anyway) and definitely not the kind of American soldier that Obomber says makes up the US military.

What a load of bullsh*t - Obomber is a war criminal and he should be forced to get the US the f*ck out of Afghanistan and everywhere else in the world outside of its colonized borders - the time is more than ripe for a defeated retreat, would you not say?

Of course I know full well that it will never happen until the lights go out inside the empire for the last time.


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