Saturday, March 17, 2012

War: The Larger Atrocity

" ... I am tired of the language of war. I am tired of the denials, the lame excuses, the justifications, the heartfelt and unreserved apologies and the finger pointing at just one singular mad individual. I am tired of generals saying the US forces ‘do not kill civilians’; that this orgy of killing, torture or abuse was an ‘isolated incident’; that all those killed were’ terrorists’ or ‘insurgents’; that there would be a ‘full investigation’; that ‘lessons would be learned’.
Above all, I am tired of Obama being ‘heartbroken’ at the news from Afghanistan. The only way I could express myself over his breaking heart would be to resort to a whole page of very coarse swearing. I could but I won’t – there is enough filth being created by US forces or ISAF or NATO in their illegal war-making around the Middle East and beyond.

So Obama’s heartbroken. Would that he were. Would that he were burying his parents, wife, children, grandchildren, brothers, sisters and friends. Would that his house had been bombed into a heap of rubble. Would that he was sitting under a sheet of plastic in the coldest winter weather outside the gates of Washington, with no food, no medical care and no comfort except that somewhere the other side of the world a self-important man was ‘sorry’, was offering an apology. Would he know what heartbreak meant then?

And I am really tired of the media, the TV channels and mainstream press supinely parroting the statements they are given about isolated incidents, rogue soldiers, alleged and apparent killings by a suspected single member of the US forces. Was it only last month they were reporting another ‘isolated incident’? How many times do they have to report a story like this before they stop repeating the rubbish that it is a one-off, could never happen again, due to a single rotten apple that’s had a breakdown? Will they ever get honest enough to look back at last week’s news without doing their share of copy-and-paste when writing this week’s piece? And will they ever wonder in print how many similar incidents have gone unreported? That perhaps this kind of thing is all too common? ..."
 Read the whole Dissident Voice article  (March 16) by Lesley Docksey here.

Comment: Obomber would be on the other side if his family and loved ones were being killed by murderous American forces.

But we should not lose sight of those who suffer the real consequences of his bloody hands even as resistance against Obomber and his murderous regime must grow - everywhere.


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