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Whites Only Christian Conference Underway In Alabama (File under dumb sh*t you read in the US)

WECT  (reposted in Truthdig)
July 5, 2012.

WINFIELD, AL (WBRC) - In most situations, a flier advertising a pastors' conference wouldn't cause much stir, but one event in West Alabama has the townspeople of Winfield upset.

The flier was discovered at Norris Music in downtown Winfield Monday advertising for a conference titled: "Annual Pastors Conference All White Christians Invited."

"It was put up throughout the town in the middle of the night. When everyone was asleep without the permission of the business owner." Norris Music manager Tyler Cantrell said.

According to the flier, the three-day conference ends with a "Sacred Christian Cross Lighting Ceremony." The conference is to be held in neighboring Lamar County.

Winfield Mayor Wayne Silas says he and other folks in town are not pleased since this event is not representative of their community in any way.

"Business people are upset. The city is upset. The city of Winfield does not condone this," Silas said.

"It's surprising to see something like that in our town," Cantrell said. "I know it's been here in the past."

The organizer of the event, Rev. William C. Collier says that his Church of God's Chosen (Christian Identity Ministries) is not a hate group but adds that he believes "the white race is God's chosen people."

Collier defends why only white Christians are invited.

"We don't have the facilities to accommodate other people. We haven't got any invitations to black, Muslim events. Of course we are not invited to Jewish events and stuff," Collier said.

Event organizer Rev. William J. Collier and keynote speaker Rev. Mel Lewis. (Source: Alan Collins)

The conference has met for three years in Lamar County and there has been no trouble in the past and supporters say they don't expect any over the next three days.

Churches from the Winfield community will hold their own Fourth of July celebration Wednesday evening where they say everyone is invited to enjoy fellowship, pray for the city and the region and to celebrate the nation's independence.

Comment: OK so my first and enduring reaction to this story was who cares if these crackapots want to have an all white Christian conference.

But you gotta admit ne this sh*t is made priceless when you stare at the mugs of  the event organizer Rev. William J. Collier and keynote speaker Rev. Mel Lewis.

Now tell me Guru, who in their f*cking right mind would listen to either one of these grimy looking bitches?

I like how they say they would invite blacks and Muslims (the new blacks) but they don't have "the facilities to accommodate other people".


Facilities like what?  Did the Supreme Court not end segregation in the US in 1954?  Have these good 'ol boys heard of Brown vs Board of Education?

Segregation is over Tweedledee and Tweedledum.  Apart from taking a shower y'all need some learning to catch up with modern times now.

I wonder if Tutu showed up whether they would let him in?

Aahh what the hell let them have their way hey.  I mean damn what they got left to guard other than their insanity in a country where the Republican candidate comes from a church that once preached that blacks were black because they were sinners.

No telling what that gem of religious idiocy will mean for skins if Romney should defeat the current murderer in the Crack House.

Truth is the real struggle is not against the likes of Tweedledee and Tweedledum. 

If for some reason you thinking about going to the conference you better boogie.  The conference ends today at 9pm with what the flier says is a "sacred Christian cross lighting ceremony" ... oh hell probably on some unsuspecting black/brown family's front lawn.


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