Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Under the Covers

This is still the best cover of the original, no?

"Love you forever but you driving me insane"

Comment: I apologize to regular readers and others who may be wondering what the hell is up here on the angry man's blog ;0)

If you live in South Africa or anywhere else where megabyte costs are horrendous then you probably recognize my time in the empire is somewhat unbalanced by surfing YouTube into the wee hours.

Well of course that is when I am not getting laid and smoking copious amounts of what the Guru calls spiritual tobacco.

Just jiving geez!

I don't smoke, really.

So, when I get back to the delusional rainbow I will act accordingly, promise.  Perhaps even pray a little for salvation and pull my pants up above my ankles, maybe ;0)

But before then I will post a documentary (found on YouTube) where the moms talks about Robert Sobukwe and deconstructs the post-reality of an ANC gone absolutely f*cking bonkers. 


Ps. Guru if you wondering who reads this mess of a blog then take a gander at this number at 11:02 am Pacific Northwest Time:  Pageviews today 2,115

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