Monday, August 27, 2012

Missing the Zoo Something Fierce

I worry that when I finally get home the two puppies the moms and I adopted from the SPCA will have forgotten me.  These pictures were taken just days after they arrived and we think they were about 10-12 weeks old.  They are about six months old now and a mix between a Chihuahua mother and Jack Russell father.

The pictures below are of the zoo at number 11, starting with our two new overly energetic residents.


Boo Boo

Founder and Boo Boo.  These two are inseparable.


This beautiful girl named herself Meow Meow but I think she meant Mau Mau.



If you read here then you know Founder's story.  Now she is our guardian and keeper of the two new puppy editions but shows clear favoritism for Boo Boo.

Mita was just a ball of fur I found roaming outside of my house in Mafikeng about three years ago.  He has since moved with me to Kimberley and adopted moms as his favorite person.

Maya and Boo Boo are closer to me in large part because I spend more hours in the day playing with them and Founder and making the local Tabligh movement very unsure of my Godliness.  F*ck em.

Meow Meow, Stripey, and Achmat were feral kittens that showed up in our backyard about 8 or so months ago.  So we adopted them.   (All of our animal companions have been neutered or spayed.)

Stripey and Achmat do not like to be picked up but Meow Meow is perhaps the most affectionate cat I know.

So that is the zoo and I miss each and every one of them in these early morning hours ;0)

If you wondering if the blog is going soft ... you may be right for now.  Well at least until I get back to the delusional rainbow.

After all is said and dome, who can live in South Africa without being pissed off most of the time?



Kimberly Pillon said...

The cutest furry familie ever!

Ridwan said...

Thanks kindly Kim :0)

Brody would fit right in.