Friday, September 28, 2012


My skin still feels a little tender from all the sun time I spent on Florida beaches.  But ten days in that hot and humid state proved to be a mixed bag of burning heat, moody clouds and loud thunderstorms.

These are my favorite pictures just because you asked, starting with how I got around and down to Key West :0)

My Avis rental and now departed summer 2012 luv.
This snake greeted me on the Big Cypress Bend Walk in the Everglades.
Somewhere on the drive down to Key West.
A super souped-up Camaro in South Beach.  It is Art Deco heaven hey?
Fort Lauderdale in the late afternoon.
Fishing Pier at Venice Beach.

My 'artsy' picture taken at a Siesta Beach party close to midnight.
And now it is time to go home :0)


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