Thursday, September 27, 2012

Clay Bennett on Christian Conservatives

Beliefs Credit

Comment: I was listening to a conservative Christian station as I made my way to Key West last week; I was appalled by the racist comments made by the hosts and callers.

And this they did in the name of Jesus and Christianity.

It seems that conservative Christians believe that Obomber is an undercover Muslim bent on making the US an Islamic state.

One caller provided "quotes from Islam" that instructed Muslims to lie to get their way and even went so far as to list an Islamic organization that Michelle Obama worked for before she became the first lady.

What utter nonsense.

The hatred that was spewed on the radio was nothing short of shocking.  I got the feeling that if conservatives did not have Muslims to hate they would be without a reason to live.

Of course the truth is more likely that they would simply hate blacks, Latinos, Chinese and other so called 'non-whites' more to make up for the absence of Muslims.

But since Muslims are not going away it should not come as a surprise to any Muslim that conservative America is in the business of hating Islam.

Of course the liberals are no better - they just sound more convincing spewing lies about security and democracy while they massacre Muslims on a daily basis for the same reasons conservatives hate Islam.

See this Guardian article (September 26) for commentary on what Republicans think of Muslims and Islam:
"An overwhelming majority of Republican voters in the United States regard the west and Islam as being embroiled in "a fundamental conflict which only one side can win", according to new YouGov polling ..."


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