Saturday, December 15, 2012

A Blanket Civilian Gun Ban is the First Step

I harbor no illusions that Obomber has the wherewithal to take on the gun lobby and gun manufacturers and good ol' boys and girls all across America: banning the ownership of guns by civilians is a pipe dream.

I am also not even close to expecting that the Sandy Hook Elementary massacre will be enough to start a mass movement to arrest the ownership of guns in the US even as decent human beings all over the world are shocked at this latest massacre.

Just four days ago another young twenty-something male walked into a mall and killed two innocent people and critically wounded a teenager in a mall in Portland, Oregon.

In July this year yet another twenty-something man killed 28 movie goers and wounded 58 others in Aurora, Colarodo.

The list goes on and on and yet Americans seem stuck on gun control.  The larger problem, however, is not just guns: it is a gun mentality.

As I watched Obomber work through invisible tears in his press conference last night I felt only disdain for the man.

He talked about being a parent and holding his daughters closer and telling them he loved him.

But this is the same man who uses drones to kill innocent children in faraway places where the humanity of those he destroys is not afforded 24 hour news coverage.

The kids that Obomber murders are considered collateral damage - all in the business of making America safe from reconstructed terrorists.

All of this while Americans like this child murder in Connecticut uses his mother's legal guns to massacre twenty kids between the ages of 5-10.

Who is the terrorist in these terms?

Just once I would like to see Obomber embrace the humanity of those his machine murders everyday in the name of fighting terrorism.

Just once I would like to see him and his people cry in agony over the deaths of innocent Palestinian children at the hands of that American outpost, Israel.

What happened in Connecticut is an unimaginable tragedy and the devastation caused at the hands of the gunman will not end now that he is dead.

Already news pundits and analysts are talking about his apparent mental disorder and in so doing the blame for his actions is conveniently displaced, even cauterized.

And yet when those 9/11 planes hit the towers every Muslim everywhere, even those not born yet, was declared a terrorist for life and beyond.

Why is it that no-one has asked any questions about the religion and doctrinal attitude of the mass killers who take to malls, schools, and theaters to kill innocents all over America?

All of those who kill are men.  And the overwhelming majority are young, white and without criminal records.

We should not become overly stuck on these demographic similarities though.  The larger problem is a matter of the 'content and character' of the American nation; there is a deeper soul searching and analysis that is needed.

Nonetheless, what is apparent to not only me is that America's gun mentality has consequences abroad and at home.

May the innocent lives lost at Sandy Hook Elementary rest in peace until that day.



Kimberly said...

Yes, there is a clear mentality about guns here in the States. It needs to change.

I have read several times, 'People kill People" Ok then lets talk about how these people see the world with guns. These people killed people with GUNS!!

Everyone who has raised the gun control idea, people are saying too soon we need to heal. Really, have we healed from the Columbines shootings, I don't think so. I will never forget them. All of these killers are not unique; they are products of the mentality in the USA. God fucking Bless America. Land of the free and have as many unnecessary guns you want.

Bill Maher posted this comment, “Sorry but prayers and giving your kids hugs fix nothing; only having the balls to stand up to our insane selfish gun culture will.”
In the comments he was called a Moron quite a bit. These people are just scared of change and deny that they could ever be connected with someone who would do such an awful thing.

I have cried for the lives lost this week in both shootings, but I also have thought about those innocent women and children killed by the US around the world.

As the President cried over those kids in the US, I immediately thought of those girls killed by the drones in Afghanistan. When will he cry publically over them?

Ridwan said...

Thanks for your comment Kim.

This is an extremely sad and frustrating time and it comes through in your words here.

Just moments ago I was watching a report on CNN that said the killer's mother owns a vast collection of guns - including several semi-automatic rifles.

In fact in addition to the two handguns and semi-automatic rifle he used to kill 26 innocents, the police found three more guns in the trunk of the car he drove to the school.

Like you I am sick of those folks who tell us that 'guns don't kill people but people kill people'.

If this fool entered the school with a baseball bat and knife he would not have been able to cause such utter devastation.

The same is true of the Aurora massacre.

It is too easy get guns legally in the US and folks should stop using the second amendment as cover.

To hell with regulating gun ownership among civilians.

Guns should be banned outright among rank and file folks.

There is absolutely no need for anyone to own a stash of weapons like those used in killings.

Bill Maher is right. Hugs and tears are not gonna cut it anymore.

Peace to you,