Thursday, December 13, 2012

Seymour Chwast Illustrates Thoreau

Comment: I do not like pretense.  I hate it when folks play dress-up for any reason.  Probably why I can't stand being around Harley-Davidson types for too long.

But dress-up is not always just about the "hats people wear at/to work" (f*ck I hate that descriptor).  

Sometimes folks play make-believe dress-up as a means of deferment.

A student once came into my office to ask for permission to miss my class for a second time in the same week.

I asked her why in a concerned tone.

"Because I do not feel like myself today," she replied.

"Who do you feel like?" I asked.

She sat there for what seemed an eternity staring blankly at my persistent face.

I relented and broke the impasse in her favor.

She dropped my course.


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