Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Tennessee Lawmakers Confuse Mop Sink with Foot Bath for Muslim (read terrorist) Ablutions

Yeah I know what you thinking.  It is a slow day here at blog central and I'm making up sensationalist stories to grab hits.

OK, first things first.  This is a true story.  If you don't believe me read the AP story here and the original cover which appeared in The Tennessean if you are still gripped by head-shaking disbelief.

So, this is a picture of the recently installed mop sink that can be found in the men's restroom just outside of the House chamber in Nashville, the state capitol.  Take a gander:

The Tennessean says that the mop sink was installed in a custodial closet "to make it easier for custodial staff to fill buckets and clean mops."

Ever vigilant Republican lawmakers did not see it that way.  

What they saw is creeping Sharia bending Tennessee law in the favor of Muslim men (since the mop sink is in a men's toilet) who want to wash their feet in preparation for prayers - or I presume any other such heathen and terrorist purposes of the Muslim kind.

Given the general concern with Muslims and their innate terrorism in Tennessee, legislative staffers and building administrators had to move quickly to avert the fears of Republican lawmakers by explaining (with pictures and slow talk no doubt) that the sink was not installed for Muslims but for mops.

The report says that Republican Sen. Bill Ketron, R-Murfreesboro, investigated the matter after it was raised by his political colleague, Rep. Judd Matheny, R-Tullahoma.

The picture below is that of the veritable terrorist watcher and all-round genius, Rep. Judd Matheny, just in case you were wondering what a dumbass Islamophobe in the Tennessee legislature looks like.

By the way, his email address is rep.judd.matheny@capitol.tn.gov if you would like to send him a line or two to tell him how dumb he is.

Please do.  Oh while you at it send one to Sen. Bill Ketron too.  Here's his email address: sen.bill.ketron@capitol.tn.gov

So like Gawker says a "crisis was averted".

I guess now the whole damn state of Tennessee can safely go to bed knowing that their vigilant representatives took time off from playing the banjo and stuck it to those terrorist Mooslims and their need for clean feet!

How dumb are these folks really?  And who the hell are the voters who put idiots like this into office?

AnyHowze, please do read the comments below the story in Gawker - there are a few hilarious gems that will brighten your day.  These five were my absolute favorites:
Greeniegenie: "Next time I am in Tennessee, I'm going to do my Muslim feet washing in this basin. Then walk into Matheny's office with wet feet."

FashunVictum: "That sink is suspiciously at a Muslim's foot level." 

Pambitious: "Embarrassingly enough, some Tennessee legislators thought it was a bidet." 

Spiney1953: "And you wonder why they lost the Civil War."
And my absolute favorite:
DrewPWeiner: "It was the indoor plumbing that confused them."
I can't stop laughing at this whole mess.

By the way, did you catch the name attached to the last comment - read it again and slowly ;0)

Mop Sink Picture Credit
Rep. Matheny Picture Credit


Kimberly said...

This is classic! I wonder if they are even embarassed about it, once they realized how stupid they were?



This also scares the shit out of me. Who are these people and why are people voting for them?


Ridwan said...

Kim both these named political figures are unremarkable individuals yet they have risen in political power.

If you cannot distinguish between a mop sink (utility sink) and a foot bath in a custodial closet it probably is a good reason to run for political office.

And when you there you should join the chorus and worry about the Mooslims in much the same way that your parents worried about the communists and blacks and Chinese and Latinos.

And if that is not enough there is always gay folk to worry about and the creep of unconstitutional and un-godly same-sex marriages, etc.

It is a full-time preoccupation for the dimwitted this business of politics.

No wonder the Athenians had to kill Socrates - he was on to them.