Wednesday, March 27, 2013

‘White Student Union’ Announces Nighttime ‘Patrols’ at Baltimore University

The Raw Story 
Arturo Garcia
March 26, 2013.

The whites-only college group that disrupted a conservative political conference earlier in March has announced plans to conduct “patrols” at Towson University in Baltimore.

Think Progress reported on Monday that the “White Student Union” intends to escort students making their way through campus at night. The club’s president, Matthew Heimbach — or “Commander Heimbach,” as he is called on the club’s blogtold the school newspaper, The Torchlight, that members will not be armed.

“We just want to make campus a better place,” Heimbach said. “If we see a white person commit a crime against a person who is not white, we’re going to assist the person who was attacked every time.”

However, according to a a Feb. 28 post on the WSU blog, “group funds will be used to purchase legal and nonlethal means of self defense for all members” and female members have been required to take self-defense courses. The club also accused local media of covering up a “Black crime wave” on campus.

“The virtue of white Christian womanhood is under attack at Towson University by degenerate criminals seeking to rob our women of their God given innocence,” the group said in the post. “Through armed thuggery the money of law abiding Towson students that is earned by the sweat of their brow is stolen and their lives threatened for simply walking down the street.”

The club, named by the Southern Poverty Law Center as one of 17 hate groups in the state of Maryland, also surfaced at a March 16 panel at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) when one of the organizers, Scott Terry, interrupted a panel dealing with “Frederick Douglass Republicans” and racism to tell the black moderator that “Blacks should be happy that the slave master gave them shelter, clothing, and food.”

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Comment: Oh my head hurts something fierce just reading this news report.

You may wonder why since the white world is full of these Nazi-like crazies and the US leads the way in spawning more and more of the same.

Well the sad truth is I graduated from Towson University in 1986 and even took a few graduate courses there before spending a wasted year with the Guru at Rhodes University in Grahamstown.

It was known as Towson State University back when I finished a bachelor's degree in political science but it dropped the state part as it moved closer toward privatizing its funding model.

Towson is no slacker university.  It has respectable ratings and in the past it carried an air of being the better university among undergraduate institutions in Maryland.

This report comes somewhat as a surprise to me though.  The university student body and faculty was and is predominantly white but I remember a couple of African and Indian professors who challenged me to think.

And the campus never felt racially hostile despite the demographics.  In fact I organized and participated in several anti-apartheid and divestment student campaigns in those years and I only have good memories of student, faculty, and administrative support.

Nonetheless I think in hindsight there were better choices than Towson and I regret my decision to stay there.

Still, I am surprised that this caliber of white Nazi-like student group is even present at Towson University.

In my day it was mostly a liberal commuter school with nothing outstanding to make it memorable.

This kind of racist hate, however, is memorable for all the wrong reasons and the administration needs to act swiftly to stem the damage to its reputation.

If I had kids I would not send them to Towson University and they can stop sending me my alumni newsletter too - just like Rhodes University I am not giving Towson University a dime.

I need a few more painkillers for my head this morning.


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