Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Saudi Suspect in Boston Bombing a Student Spectator Not a Terrorist: Damn, Back to the Racist Drawing Board for Islamophobes

Late last night there was speculation in that 'paragon' of journalistic integrity, the New York Post, that a Saudi man aged 20 was being held in a local hospital as a suspect connected to the bombings in Boston.

This tidbit was reported by Fox News too.  This was all that was needed to give even more unfounded credence to Islamophobes working the comments sections of CNN/FOX/CBS/ABC, etc, that Muslims and Islam were to blame - even those not born yet.

This morning CNN covered the Saudi suspect story just in case and added a little more paranoid flavor for good measure:
"Investigators warned police to be on the lookout for a "darker-skinned or black male" with a possible foreign accent in connection with the attack, according to a law enforcement advisory obtained by CNN. The man was seen with a black backpack and sweatshirt and was trying to get into a restricted area about five minutes before the first explosion, the lookout notice states.

Also, a Saudi national with a leg wound was under guard at a Boston hospital in connection with the bombings, but investigators cannot say he is involved at this time and he is not in custody, a law enforcement official said Monday evening."
Gawker deconstructed the racist speculation like so:
The "Saudi national" touted by the New York Post (among others) as a suspect all day yesterday is a student who is fully cooperating with police and denying all involvement. He has a clean record, and suffered burn injuries during the explosion. According to CBS News' John Miller, the man was tackled by a civilian because he was "acting suspiciously" and, uh, running away from the explosion.
So there you have it.  Captain America was eying a suspicious man before the blasts for being brown and when the explosions happened he was immediately a guilty suspect since he was running from the blasts.

What sane person would run from an area where a bomb blast just went down?  From the small vantage point of my Sony television screen here in Mandelastan I saw all kinds of white people running but to my surprise only a brown Saudi man ended up being a suspect for running from a bomb blast.

AnyHowze, Captain America acted valiantly and turned the brown suspect - who was injured by the way - over to the police because he was on the case like every good American citizen should be in these times of the brown Muslim terrorist onslaught.

Now the fact that the young student was hurt in the blasts is, of course, immaterial since dumbass brown Muslim-type terrorists are so stupid that they are known to hang around the areas where they place bombs.

It is that whole 72 virgins thing and going to heaven for killing infidels.  Geez hey and God gave them all the oil too.

But no worries though - the good folks in the US can be relieved that Captain America is watching all brown people for being innate terrorists who want to steal their freedom and their constitution - perhaps even their running shoes too!

And now for a message from Captain America:

All Muslims and brown people beware!  Mexicans and light-skin blacks too.
 Captain America is onto you and watching your foreign accented terrorist ass.

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