Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Two Men Speaking Arabic Removed from Flight at Boston Airport

Yeah you read that right.  Just a few hours ago two men were removed from an American Airlines (irony?) flight bound for Chicago after a plane full of Captain Americas complained that they were speaking Arabic.

The two men were apparently speaking in Arabic but not sitting next to one another.

The men were escorted off the plane and detained by twitchy police at Logan Airport.  See another news report here if you still thinking this is just a sketch on Comedy Central.

In the meanwhile the plane load of ever-vigilant Captain Americas were allowed to fly on to Chicago where I am sure at least a few of them will continue to keep the skies safe from Arabic.

After a long interrogation and double checking the constitution to see whether speaking Arabic was illegal on a plane and, therefore, enough reason to send the men to Guantanamo the authorities did the right thing and let the two almost-terrorists go - well at least until the next time they raise suspicions.

I bet you thinking sue American Airlines, right?  It has to be racial profiling - this flying while brown and being instantaneously tried and prosecuted by a jury of fellow passengers, not so?

I'd sue for sure.  

But maybe American Airlines was just going the extra mile and being rational and careful, no?

Think of it as customer service for the greater good of America the bastion of freedom, equality, and the right to be as dumb as you like and still be taken seriously even after you make an ass of yourself and look like a twit when the government has to tell everyone that the bombs in Boston were put together in an American kitchen by a deranged American nut case(s) who could easily have been among those complaining passengers who pointed racist fingers at two innocent brown men.

Chalk one down for freedom - and lunacy of course.  At the very least they not hanging Muslims from trees - well not as of yet.  But do stay tuned.

And now for a message from Captain America:

All Muslims and people who look like Muslims listen up!  Do not, I repeat, do not speak Arabic or any other language that sounds like you are a Muslim on a plane, train, bus, or anywhere else in America.  In fact, if you have to be in the greatest and most free country in the whole world - even greater than that refrigerator to the north called Canada - please refrain from speaking at all until you return to your terrorist countries.  If you were born in America please go somewhere else anyway.  Whatever you do know that Captain America is watching your terrorist ass even while you sleep and even before you are born.


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