Saturday, June 14, 2014

Happy Yemen

Comment: By now you know that Pharrel Williams' Happy anthem is making its rounds across the globe.  

My favorite is the version from Yemen but hey even South Africa is Happy, Palestine too, oh and Columbia.

Oh what the hell check out Tunisia, Italy, Abu Dhabi, Ethiopia, India ...

And if you been paying attention these Happy Iranians pissed off the zealots. 

Happy Muslims in Britain ... and the US.  More American Muslims get Happy.


What will the Imam say. ;0)

I'm not Happy just in case you wondering ... well cause I can't sleep dammit (Saturday 4:29am).



Tony said...

Hey Boet...Did you see that the groot gat also features in the South African "Happy".

Ridwan said...

Hi Tony:

I did see that ... the tram is famous now I guess.

The SA version is somewhat cheapened by the fact that it is an ad for a soap company.

It is infectious,no? The whole Happy deal.

I also know that there is bad press of Pharrel Williams who apparently did a version of Happy for WalMart executives.

Ai capitalism.

By the way, check in with Patty when you can. She had an ugly incident this past weekend.

Be good Boet,