Sunday, July 17, 2011

Keys and Sunday Soul

Alicia keys has grown up since and definitely no teenager no mo'.  Beautiful woman, amazing voice.  I like this cut though the video is corny.

Was not gonna post anything but this morning I was going through the papers (waiting on breakfast to be served) and came across this story about her and was thinking folks can be cruel hey.

Yeah I sometimes read trashy British tabloids too.  Where you think I gets my trashy mouth from? :0)

Did you not ever wake up one morning after a really awesome night and just think ... gotta read me sum trashy sh*t?


When comedy was funny
Your ass must be married then.

Oh that reminds me of a line from the greatest comedy trio ever, The Three Stooges.  

Moe, Larry, and of course Nyuk Nyuk Curley on meeting new people would say: "Nice to meet you.  Are you married or happy?"  :0)

Gotta run dawg cause my nite is not nearly over and breakfast just got here.

Hey fellas ... Onward!

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