Monday, January 28, 2013

My Total Blog Page Views as Measured By Google Since 2007

The most viewed pages:

May 19, 2012, 42 comments


Jun 13, 2007, 11 comments

Nov 27, 2007, 7 comments



Aug 16, 2011, 6 comments


Jun 16, 2008, 6 comments


Apr 26, 2007, 2 comments

Total Published Posts: 1680

Grand Total Views: 215, 915

Total Published Comments: 4249

Comment:  This blog started out in 2006 (October) as a place to post my travel pictures (Google stats start in 2007 so the totals above are not for the entire period).

At the time the blog was hatched I was in India doing a teaching stint at a university in Delhi and also using my time there to find my roots - hence the related reference to being the son of Fatima and Ahmed (my late father's ancestry is from India).

During my time in India I also traveled to Malaysia where my mother's ancestry is from.

I am happy to report that my search in India and Malaysia ended with the acquired wisdom that I - like you - belong everywhere; there is after all just one human race.

As the blog developed I thought it could include my obsession with getting back onto two wheels and my love for my four legged barkers (three have passed since but I adopted two more and added six felines from feral stock ... yeah it be a zoo at number 11.)

I am sad to say that I am no closer to riding two wheels permanently again since I sold my beautiful black Honda CB750 to a nice man in Portland (Oregon) in late 2004.

There is not a week that goes by when I think it is time to stop writing here.  A couple of folks I sometimes share my time with think it rather odd that someone as private and reclusive as I am would share so much on an open blog.

I think it part of being a Gemini and a wannabe Taoist of late :0)

But there is also another side to the reverse side of just about anything and as I edge toward turning 49 this year it feels less right to write about what I am feeling outside of my politics and usual pet peeves.

OK I am rambling.  Sorry.  I am not entirely sure what the reason behind this post is other than the feeble fact that I was reading a blog where the writer mentioned that his blog had 91 472 hits since 2006.

So I looked at my stats just to make sure he was behind my curve ;0)

I said I would stop writing here when I felt it was necessary.  Up till now I have taken a few breaks but find that writing here allows me to vent online and less in person - the moms and the Guru will contest this assertion vehemently.

The number of folks who comment here has drastically tapered off though the number of reads/hits per day remains between 250 and 350 or so a day.  The most hits in one day came with the post on the Zuma painting by Mabulu and it was in excess of 10 000!

It may be, in part, that that post received as many hits because it was linked in a story carried by NPR in the US.

A word about abusive and racist comments is that they continue but as usual I choose to ignore them.

That aside it is necessary to say thanks to those who read and comment here and those who fill my email box with kind and sometimes concerned messages.

In all thanks to everyone who stops by for what is really just my online scrapbook about poking around in the great unknown.

Onward! ... still.


Kweli said...

Jesus! Or should I say Abdul Majd!

I thought you were going to end the melancholy by killing the blog on stage, right in front of the audience.


I'm glad you saw the computer light. I'm behind my ass reading on here. As a fellow blogger, I have reduced the people I see as audience to maybe the one or three people I know personally. I think blogging is another way to communicate to said three people. I can come on here and see the news that matters to you, and so on. And then occasionally read your infantilism re: the Guru and Fatima.

And in a way I know you are writing for you, for us. People like "us," even as I'm still not sure who us be ;).

But we persist.

PS: BMAG gets 40 hits a day. You get lots of hits, broer!

Ridwan said...

Hello Kweli:

Thanks for reading and commenting boet. I value your contributions on this old space.

I think we read in waves when we follow blogs. A couple of years ago it was said that blogs would disappear.

Seems like there are a healthy bunch of them out there still.

I like that you refer to yourself as a blogger - I guess we are bloggers now huh?

Can't wait to announce that at my next meeting with strangers.

'What is it that you do?' 'Oh I blog to keep the reality of being stagnant in South Africa at bay.'

OK I should not add the last part because it goes without saying, mostly.

I will ignore your comment about infantile posts - I'm too grown now to throw tantrums ... well today at least ;0)

The Guru stopped by Number 11 a few days ago. In true Guru style he was passing through the dust bowl and announced that he was tired of sitting in a car on arrival.

He then proceeded to stand in the middle of my living room pontificating on everything for more than two hours.

This he did even while he munched on the treats moms offered him.

He is threatening another short story he wants posted here.

I told him my blog was too politically correct for his ranting crap.

He did not believe me saying in true Guru style: "I don't read you much. But when I do I usually have nothing better to do."

And so the blog lives on in infamy.

Keep writing Kweli.